Quilt Shops: Blue Box, Busselton, Western Australia


Whoever said that EPP Hexie quilts go on forever (EPP = English Paper Piecing) was 100% right!  I started this one, my own design (but I’m sure someone somewhere has made it before!), about 2 years ago when on a trek through New Zealand!  I like the faded blues, reds and creams of French General by Moda and Pondicherry colours and wanted this as maybe a US-style or French-style quilt.


This is all done by hand and I have never quite been sure how the layout would work but had the sense that it would ‘speak to me’ when I had a few of the star ‘petals’ ready.  So it came to pass!  This will be a wall hanging consisting of 4 stars, in the formation


Before I left for this current trip around Australia (details over here on my travel blog, Planet Patrick!) – this was as far as I got (see above).  I could see that I needed something neutral to ensure the stars were, well… the stars! I auditioned whatever I had in my stash, and – believe me – that’s a lot of options!  Nothing seemed to match… using more red throws off the balance, as did blue and indeed, the cream was too much.  This needed a neutral and probably from the same range.

I had no time before leaving to order something online, so I searched out local quilt stores (LQS) that might be on my path. There wasn’t much in Perth near where I was staying but, as I would be driving from Perth > New Norcia > Margaret River, I spotted a store with an online presence, stocking (thank you, Deeanne!!) Pondicherry colours that might just work.  I thought greys could give just the tonal neutrality I wanted.


I was driving through yesterday (18 February, 2019) and the weather was glorious… low humidity and in the high 20s Celsius.  It took no time at all to find The Blue Box (good signs!!) and there was a parking spot right outside the door.


This boded well! I love the design – is that a metal ring used as a sleeve? So cute.


The front of the store has a tonne of things to look at – all things crafty from wool to patchwork. I like the rainbow afghan rug in the picture below.


On the walls are hints that this place looks after quilters, too!


This is the lovely Deeanne who took the time to make sure I found what I needed.


We auditioned some plain colours first.  She did have a sort of stonewashed Essex Linen type fabric, if you know what I mean, but the weight was much too heavy for my paper pieces.


She helped me zone in on neutral Pondicherry / French General type options. You can scroll through these… I picked all three for various purposes within the finished piece, but the sort of scalloped / Baptist Fan type fabric to sit next to my red/white/blue hand work.  Can’t wait to get started!

Luckily for my wallet, I can only take one bag on my upcoming flights!


But I couldn’t resist a little wander around first!


All of that wool!  I wish I was good enough with needles to make something.


Thanks Deeanne – loved visiting your store!! (I should say, I do not get/ask for anything for my reviews – so you can be assured they are 100% independent and my views only).