New YouTube and Instagram Channels

I am very happy to have set up a new YouTube and Instagram presence for all my crafting exploits!

In fact, I think I opened up the YouTube channel years ago and never uploaded anything! I had scraps and bits of videos stored in all kinds of places and shown here on the blog, but nothing consistent. Nothing… together.

I said in my first Insta post today that I wasn’t brave enough to post things before. I don’t want you to get the impression that it’s because I’m a man. It isn’t, or at least I don’t think that it is. I’ve been in the Guild and been the only guy for many years. But I do think there are a huge number of super talented crafters, knitters, crocheters and quilters out there and I do think, to some extent, why would my content or videos be of any interest?

I qualified as a journalist 25 years ago, even if I only worked in that world for about 2 years, so I am confident enough to speak, but that confidence was very much confined by having an extensive brief, being well-prepared, speaking to the expert (never being the expert). It’s only been recently, since I set up a travel channel on YouTube (you can find that here if you’re interested) that I realised that people don’t watch that to necessarily get the lowdown on a city or flight, but that they enjoy the process of an ordinary person reacting to an unusual location or situation and finding in that a moment of coming together, of community.

I know that’s what I like to watch.

And so, to share something of my own crafting, my knitting or crochet or quilting, it doesn’t have to be perfect and I don’t need to be the expert. I just need to be myself and be open to sharing with you, to let you know I’m interested in your projects too, to share my curiosity and interest with like-minded people.

If you’ve read this far, I’m glad you have and delighted to discover where this journey takes us! At least there will be a lot of quilts and, probably, lots of woolly socks!

Patrick xo