Sock Mistakes?

I’ve been working on a variety of sock patterns since 2020 when I finally bit the sock-knitting bullet. I get it. Knitting scarves and blankets for 40 years, sporadically, prepares you a bit for knitting around corners, but not entirely!

To be fair, I’ve been upping my knitting game in the last 10 years. For a short while, I sold some yarn online (big mistake – I admire any shopkeepers reading this – it takes a huge amount of effort and social media knowledge and… persistence)… which meant, when I stopped (quickly), I had a lot of DK yardage to use up and donate. So everything was Double Knit for a long time.

I was tempted, but nervous, to try socks, but the first couple of attempts (using free patterns) worked out pretty good. I used a tight but hairy sock blend that was on sale for the my first pair and they are totally unforgiving. I’ve upped the quality ever since, buying appropriate sock yarn, super wash, some nylon blend to extend the live and washability of my preference for wool-based yarns.

I thought it was time to start doing multi-coloured cuffs, heels and toes. I’d tried this on one pair, but using the identical brand/weight in different colour ways. It worked great. This time, I decided to toss things in the air and mix two brands of almost identical needle weight. Oops.

The purple ombre is by Scheepjes – Noorse Sokkenwol Colour/Farbe 969 and Batch 11/762. The self-patterning yarn is, I think by Drops from the Fabel line – Colour 901 and Dyelot 22480.

Needle Suggestions

The Drops has a suggested 3mm (US 2.5) needle size and the Scheepjes simply says 3-3.5… but whether that is US sizing or millimetres, is unclear to me. Hence my hope of mixing both to get a nice result. I’m crazy about the colour combination – they look great… but in the knitting, the difference is substantial. It’s giving an overblown/lofty cuff, heel and toe which might be fine with washing or by overlooking it if it’s comfortable… but I think I could have matched these weights much better.

Still, you learn by making and I’m learning every day!

Hope what’s under your needle(s) is fun.

All the best,
Patrick xo

New Ben Nevis socks

I’m delighted to have finished these new socks. I learned how to knit socks over the past couple of months, and I’ve made two pairs before this. I made a bit of a rookie error with my first pair, because I picked a difficult yarn to work with, yes – a sock yarn, but one that was very hairy and weird to work with!

Ben Nevis self-striping yarn

Having visited the John Lewis store in London, I learned a bit more about which kind of blend to look for. I found this yarn from Stylecraft, which has been very easy to work with.

Note: I have no association with this brand or other brands.
With my first pair of socks, I followed a pattern, which did not work for my foot shape. With this pair, I adapted a couple of patterns to work better for me. I’m really happy with how these turned out, and they’re super comfortable.

Perhaps I will share a little video and pattern for these socks in the coming weeks.

What’s on your needles or on your sewing machine this week?