Today’s Patrick Knits & Quilts video steps away from the world of music and poetry for a moment to concentrate on my love of crafts and quilts. Those of you who also follow my blog over at will know all about that!

I make anywhere from 5-10 quilts a year. This particular one, Lexie’s Quilt, has been in the making for longer than 6 months. Not that it took 6 months of effort, but I started it before Christmas 2019 and then paused to make 3 other quilts which were due as presents… thereby sapping all my quilt-making energies for a while! So I’ve moved slowly with this one.

The design is based on a Lemoyne star but is otherwise my own design and uses fabrics and colours that made me think about or reminded me of the recipient’s family! Lexie is the daughter of my friends Valia and Matthew and I’m just glad I finished this before she got any older!

This IS a longer video, combining a little bit of tutorial/how to with some silent (ASMR) periods where the work is carried out. It’s longer than I normally do at nearly 45 minutes, but I think this slower pace reflects something of the peaceful and constructive nature of producing quilts.

(If you just want the finished object, scroll to the last 30 seconds of the video).

Please do subscribe and comment on the YouTube channel or here on the website for more content soon!

Now I just need to build up the bravery to take this quilt to the post office (I’ve not been to the post office since lockdown!)

Lots of love,

Patrick xo

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