I’m delighted to have finished these new socks. I learned how to knit socks over the past couple of months, and I’ve made two pairs before this. I made a bit of a rookie error with my first pair, because I picked a difficult yarn to work with, yes – a sock yarn, but one that was very hairy and weird to work with!

Ben Nevis self-striping yarn

Having visited the John Lewis store in London, I learned a bit more about which kind of blend to look for. I found this yarn from Stylecraft, which has been very easy to work with.

Note: I have no association with this brand or other brands.
With my first pair of socks, I followed a pattern, which did not work for my foot shape. With this pair, I adapted a couple of patterns to work better for me. I’m really happy with how these turned out, and they’re super comfortable.

Perhaps I will share a little video and pattern for these socks in the coming weeks.

What’s on your needles or on your sewing machine this week?


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